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the two doctors

the navy surgeon and the medical student

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for shippers of Harry Sullivan and Martha Jones

A community for the shippage of Dr. Harry Sullivan and soon-to-be-doctor Martha Jones, characters from the Doctor Who
television show. Although the characters never appeared onscreen together, many fans have recognized that they're both
that they'd be generally awesome together, and have decided to ship them. Moderated by crushedmidnight and livii.

Harry Sullivan was a Navy doctor working for UNIT when the third Doctor regenerated into the fourth. After helping him recover, or
at least trying to, Harry travelled with the Doctor and Sarah Jane. In his late twenties but very old-fashioned, Harry was chivalrous,
but also attracted to independent women. He was clumsy and often got Team TARDIS in trouble by tripping traps, pushing doomsday buttons and the like,
but was unfailingly brave and brighter than the Doctor gave him credit for. His current status is unknown, but he is
likely doing some "hush-hush" work for the government.

Martha Jones was finishing up her training as a medical student when her hospital ended up on the moon. After helping the tenth
Doctor get it back where it belonged, she accepted an invitation to travel with him. Having saved the world numerous times and in
various ways, Martha basically kicks ass. Realizing that the Doctor was not smart enough to notice her awesomeness, Martha left, but
will travel with the Doctor again in the future.

1) General niceness rules apply. No flaming; no fights. You will be banned if you continue to cause trouble.
2) General general rules also apply. Cuts for icons, pictures, fic, long posts and anything inappropriate. Use SPOILER and NSFW warnings.
This community is set for adult concepts but currently not explicit content, although this can be changed if there is a general desire.
3) If it doesn't have anything to do with Harry, Martha, or Doctor Who, why are you posting it? Don't.
4) While this is primarily a shippy community, Harry/Martha friendship is also welcomed.
5) No character bashing. It's true that Harry/Sarah and Martha/Jack are much more likely than Harry/Martha, but just because we're a
little jealous doesn't mean you should go around posting "SaRaH iz STUUPID!!1" or anything like that.

Any questions, feel free to contact the mods.
If anyone is interested in co-modship or ESPECIALLY in prettying up the layout, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Anyone interested in affiliating, drop a comment here!